Implementasi Indeks Desa Zakat pada Desa Sungai Dua Kecamatan Rambutan (untuk Desa yang Terukur dan Berkemajuan)

Alfan Jamil
Journal article Khozana • July 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


BAZNAS as the center of national zakat management organizes zakat empowerment programs in the form of development programs to assist villages, namely the Zakat Devoplement Community program. This program is the provision of productive zakat assistance to villages in need. In developing and empowering the village, a standard of measurement is needed as a reference for stakeholders such as the government for proper village development planning. This study used the mixed research method, which is a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze a study. The analytical tool used is the Village Zakat Index (IDZ) with the calculation of the multi-stage weighted index method. This study aims to analyze Sungai Dua village and measure whether it is prioritized for zakat funds or not. The results showed that Sungai Dua village was categorized as Good with a value of 0.65 and interpreted as not prioritized to be assisted by zakat funds. Keywords: BAZNAS, IDZ, Sungai Dua





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