Parent Knowledge and Health Behavior of Children Who Have an Accute Respiratory Infection

Dorce Sisfiani Sarimin • Semuel Tambuwun • Suci Laila Tonote

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) is one of the diseases that often affects children. The data found in the Manando Minanga Malalayang Public Health Center in the last year from January to December 2017 were 364 cases. One of the factors that causes ARI in children is mother's knowledge. The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship of parental knowledge with health behaviors in children with ARI. This type of research is observational analytic conducted on 36 respondents. The measuring instrument used is a questionnaire. Hypothesis testing used Chi-Square (x²) with a significance level (α) <0.05, and a significant level> 95%. The results of the study found that from 17 respondents who had less knowledge of ARI with less behavior there were 11 respondents (30.5%) and 6 respondents (2.16%) knowledge of parents with sufficient behavior. Of the 19 respondents who had good knowledge but lack of health behavior there was 1 respondent (0.36%), good parental knowledge but enough behavior there were 7 respondents (2.52) and good parental knowledge and good behavior there were 11 respondents (30, 5). Chi-square statistical analysis obtained the value of p = value of 0,000, meaning that p = value <0.05 so that there is a relationship between parents' knowledge and health behavior in children with ARI. Suggestions for parents are expected to be willing to increase knowledge about ARI so that awareness of the importance of health for children so as not to get ARI.




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