Resepsi Penonton Atas Wacana Poligami pada Film (Studi pada Penonton Film “Berbagi Suami” (2006))

Ayu Tiara Maretha • Surya Anantatama • Vicky Ath • Vienty Andlika
Journal article Diakom • December 2018

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– Polygamy has always been an interesting discussion because it gave birth to two groups that were always in pro and contra positions in the community. This encourages researchers to conduct research on polygamy discourse through film media that describes the reality of polygamy based on the description of the director who is then watched by the subject of research to see the reception of the subject of the polygamy discourse. The film "Berbagi Suami" was appointed as the object of research that sought to view this issue from the perspective of the subject and object in the film, especially in discussing the issue of polygamy. This study uses a qualitative approach using phenomenology strategies. The research subjects focused on the audience of the film "Berbagi Suami", namely Muslim men who have monogamous marital status. To get the meaning of the subject and object, the researcher analyzed the phenomenon of polygamy based on conversations between characters and pieces of scenes in the film "Berbagi Suami". In this study the researcher used the reception theory of encoding-decoding by Stuart Hall using three Dominant Hegemonic concepts, Negotiated, Oppositional.





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