Penerapan Algoritma Demina-kudryashov dalam Menentukan Solusi Meromorfik Persamaan Ostrovsky

Herry F. Lalus
Journal article Jurnal Fisika • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


Ostrovsky equation is a nonlinear partial diferential equation which we found in many problems of physics such as tsunami. This equation has many special analytical solutions especially for describing the travelling of soliton. One of the famous special solution is containing  quadratic tanh term or we can express it in sech term. In this paper, the meromorphic solutions of Ostrovsky equation have analyzed by using Demina-Kudryashov algorithm. Firstly, this equation was transformed to nonlinear ordinary differential equation by using travelling wave model and then by using this algorithm and based on Laurent series, the meromorphic solutions can be contructed. Finally, the general solutions was found. These solutions take form in three types, such as simply periodic, doubly periodic (elliptic solutions), and rational solution. And then, the special solution of this equation was showed by choosing a special condition.    Keywords : meromorphic solutions; Demina-Kudryashov algorithm; Ostrovsky equation.




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