Sistem Alarm Kebakaran Menggunakan Sensor Infra Red dan Sensor Suhu Berbasis Arduino Uno

Marselinus M. Kali • Jonshon Tarigan • Andreas Christian Louk
Journal article Jurnal Fisika • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


                A fire alarm system has been design by using infra red sensor module which is sensitive to fire, temperature sensor of LM35DZ and controlled by Arduino Uno microcontroller which have ATMega328 as central processing unit. System ouput information using a 16x2 character LCD, LED lamp, and Buzzer. The system will compare both output of the infra red sensor and temperature sensor to decide whether a fire was made and trigger the alarm. Some set value of the sensors defined as a limit to make the decision. If fire exists, then buzzer will ring and the LCD will display “Ada Api”. If the temperature detected by the LM35DZ equal or below 29oC then green LED will lit on and LCD will display temperature information of “Aman”. If the temperature is between 29 oC to 37 oC then yellow LED will lit on and the LCD will display “Normal”. If the temperature is above 37 oC then red LED will lit on, buzzwr will ring and LCD will display “Waspada Kebakaran”. If no fire detected, then LCD will display “Tidak ada Api”. Keyword : Fire Alarm, Infra Red Sensor, Temperature Sensor LM35DZ, Arduino Uno.




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