Penentuan Arah Patahan yang Terdapat di Pulau Timor dan Sekitarnya Menggunakan Mekanisme Sumber 3d Gempabumi

Juliany Ningsih Mohamad
Journal article Jurnal Fisika • 2016 Australia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Determination of Fault Directional at Timor Island and surroundings using 3D Focal Mechanism. Has been done a reseach on determining of fault directional at Timor Island and surrounding using 3D focal mechanisms earthquake from US Geological Survey / National Earthquake Information Center (USGS / NEIC) since the year 1965-2013 at 8.5 ° - 10.5 ° S and 123 ° - 126 ° E.Analysis used ArcGIS 9.3 for creating coastline maps, ZMAP 6.0 seimisisty map by depth, and 3D Focal Mechanism for fault directional. The results showed that on the Timor island and the surrounding, dominated shallow earthquake (<70 km) and the medium (70 <h <300 km) tends toward the southwest, while the results of the mechanism earthquakes indicate earthquakes occurred on the island of Timor and the surrounding focal mechanism dominated by normal fault to north-west. It also showed by  3D focal mechanism that fault occur caused by the subduction of the Indo-Australian plate under the Eurasian plate to the north-west of the island of Timor. Keywords: earthquake, fault, 3D focal mechanism




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