Penerapan Radiasi Multigamma Untuk Pengembangan Bawang Putih Lokal Timor

Kadek A. C. Adelia • Bartholomeus Pasangka • Minsyahril Bukit
Journal article Jurnal Fisika • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


It has been done research about application of  multigamma radiation  techniques for breading of local union from Timor. The aims of research were to obtain fit variety of  local union from Timor by using multigamma radiation, and to determine the exact radiation dose in the breading of local union from Timor. The method used of this research was multigamma radiation dose, which were consist of 6 treatments ie  1) no radiation, 2) 1000 rads, 3) 1500 rads, 4) 2000 rads, 5) 2500 rads, 6) 3000 rads. The result of this research showed  that the best radiation dose for local union from Timor  was 1500 rads. The superior physical characteristics obtained comprise of : the growth is faster , the age of plant is 16 weeks shorter after breading, diameter of clove is large than 1,06 cm, mass per 25 cloves is large than 30,8 grams. Keywords: multigamma radiation; local onion; dose  




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