Perancangan Sistem Pengenalan Bentuk Mutiara Dari Citra Tiram Mutiara Hasil Radiografi Sinar-x Digital

Thomas A. W. Ceme • Ali Warsito • Margaretha F. Cherly
Journal article Jurnal Fisika • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Has designed a software to recognize the form of pearls by utilizing digital image radiographic X-ray results. This study aims to help detect unevenness shape of pearls. Techniques of image processing and pattern recognition algorithms with the chain method is used to represent the image of the contour, the system is designed to use the programming language of Borland Delphi 7, based with the Groove system starting from the input image formats such as BMP Pearl oysters (grayscale), image processing, and output of the system in the form of a comparison length between the fingers perpendicular to each other. If the comparison is the same, then the image of Pearl detected circular. System design results obtained showed that pattern recognition algorithms capable of detecting image forms a Pearl. The results of the detection will be getting better if the image of x-ray radiography results are inputted has a good quality. Keywords: pearl, image processing, pattern recognition algorithms, chain code method, the detection of the shape.




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