Rancang Bangun Sistem Kontrol Parameter Fisis pada Inkubator Bayi Berbasis Mikrokontroler Arduino Uno dan Esp 8266

Yeldi S. Nafie • Jonshon Tarigan • Andreas Christian Louk
Journal article Jurnal Fisika • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


[Infant Incubator Physical Parameter Control System Based on Arduino Uno  Microcontroller An Wifi Modul ESP826] An infant incubator has been designed to monitor and controll the temperature, humidity and noise. The system has been designed using  SHT11 to detect temperature and humidity in infant incubator with measurement range for temperature sensor from -4oC to 123,8oC, resolution 0,01oC and measurement accuration +/- 0,4oC, while for humidity range 0-100% RH, resolution 0,03% and measurement accuration +/-2%RH, and Microphone (KY-038) sensor to detect noise in infant incubator. This incubator is in rectangular shape box, using acrilyc with length 85cm, width 45cm, heigth 40cm and thickness 3mm. Monitoring and controlling the temperature, humidity and noise, using  wifi modul ESP8266, as comunication media type , if the temperature is >32oC and RH <70%, then command will be send and fan will be turn on, and when the temperature is <30oC and RH>80%, then command will be send and lamp will be turn on. Monitoring of noise is determined by the ligthting LED, if volume of noise detected is greater than threshold value then  LED will be turn on, and when the volume of noise detected is less than or equal  to threshold value, then LED will be turn off. Keywords : Infant Incubator, ESP 8266, Microcontroller Arduino Uno, SHT11 Sensor and Microphone (KY-038) Sensor.




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