Otomatisasi Sistem Irigasi Tetes Berbasis Arduino Nano

Surinia V. Kiri • Laura A. S. Lapono
Journal article Jurnal Fisika • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


It has been designed an automatic drip irrigation system using solar cell with an output 9 V, 3,7 V rechargeable battery, XL6009 step up module, FC-28 soil moisture sensor, Nano Arduino, LED and 12 V DC ½”solenoid valve. The main purpose of this design is to conserve the use water for dry farmings. But it also can save energy and time farmers because the system can work automatically. This system specially designed for chili plants with soil moisture range between 44,5 to 76,5%. This system works using solar energy is adsorbed by the solar cell. Energy  will be saved in 3,7 Volt rechargeable battery and changed to be 9 Volt by XL6009 step up modul as input for Nano Arduino. The FC-28 soil moisture sensor will detect level of soil moisture. Then Nano Arduino will receive input voltage from soil moisture sensor. If the output of the sensor more than 2,8 Volt (low soil moisture, <44,8 %), red LED will be on and solenoid valve open. If the output of the soil moisture sensor less than 1,25 Volt (high soil moisture, >76,5 %), green LED will be on and solenoid valve closed. Keywords: FC-28 Soil Moiture Sensor, Nano Arduino, Solenoid Valve, XL6009 Step Up Module




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