Penentuan Morfologi Permukaan dan Sifat Fisis Serta Sifat Mekanik Batu Bata Asal Tanah Merah Kabupaten Kupang Nusa Tenggara Timur

Thabita Kapasiang • Minsyahril Bukit • Jonshon Tarigan
Journal article Jurnal Fisika • 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


A research of bricks from clay withouth mixture of rice husks from Tanah Merah Village-Kupang District-East Nusa Tenggara with temperature of 800oC, 900oC, and 1000oC has been done. The aim of this research is to determine quality of bricks from clay. Based on the result of this research, brick with temperature of 800oC has density value 1,12 gram/cm3, brick with temperature of 900oC has density value 1,002 gram/cm3, and brick with temperature of 1000oC has density value 1,15 gram/cm3. Compressive strength at temperature of 800oC is 2,73 N/mm2, compressive strength at temperature of 900oC is 1,38 N/mm2 and at the temperature of 1000oC is 4,09 N/mm2. For water absorption in the third temperature treatment are 1,39%  2,82% dan 1,42%. Grain size at temperature of 800oC has the smallest size is 28,5 x 10-6 meter and the largest size is 85,7 x 10-5 meter, grain size at temperature of 900oC has the smallest size is 57,1 x 10-6 meters and the largest size is 1,28571 x 10-3 meters, grain size at temperature of 1000oC has smallest size is 30 x 10-6 meters and the largest size is 67,5 x 10-5 meters.  Keywords :  Clay, density, water absorption, compressive strength and SEM




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