Analisis Aktivitas Jenis Radioisotop dalam Sampel Air Sumur di Desa Suai Kecamatan Malaka Tengah Kabupaten Malaka

Veronika Hoar Seran • Albert Zicko Johannes • Bartholomeus Pasangka
Journal article Jurnal Fisika • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


The interval value of radioisotope mass specific activity in well water at Suai village the Middle Malaka Subdistric,Malaka Regency, was 17,360 x  to 0,1042.Based on the counts per minute calculation of laboratory samples,the results obtained exceeds water threshold requirementallowed (permenkes no:492/menkes/per/IV/19April 2010), that is: β= 2,7 xµCi/gram and α = 0,27 xµCi/gram which from Beta and Alpha radiation.The results show a high alphacontaminationand medium Beta contamination at sample point 15.2,with value 17,360 am , the medium alpha contamination and low Beta contamination at samples point 1.2,2-14,15.1,17-19,20.2 with value 1,31s/d 8,82 and also the low alpha contaminationand lowbeta contamination at samples point  1.1, 16, 20.1 with value 0,14to 9,96 for the research location. Keywords:Radioisotope,Mass Specific Activity, Radiosctivity Contamination.




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