Pengaruh Komposisi Sekam Padi terhadap Parameter Fisis Briket Tempurung Kelapa

Maria Lurumutin Umrisu • Redi K. Pingak • Albert Zicko Johannes
Journal article Jurnal Fisika • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Bio-briquette is one of the fuels that comes from biomass. The biomass used in this research is coconut shell and rice husk. The aims of this research are to know the influence of variation of rice husk composition and thickness variation on physical parameters of shell briquettes. The results of this study indicate that the density, moisture value, porosity and ash values, respectively ranged between (0.69  - 1.12 ), (3,33% - 7,57%.), (16,66% - 31,88%.), (38,46% - 66,66%.). The analysis showed that in general, the composittion of rice husk is inversely proportional to density, moisture value and briquette ash value, otherwise the composition of rice husk is directly proportional briquette porosity value. Based on density value, mositure value and ash value it can be concluded that in this research the quality  of briquettes with composition 40% coconut shell and 60% rice husk is better than the other compositions. Keywords: Briquette, Coconut shell, Rice husk, Density, Water content, Porosity and Ash content.




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