Pemanfaatan Radiasi Multigamma Nuklir dalam Mengembangkan Kacang Arbila (Paceolus Lunatus) Tipe Menjalar Asal Camplong Kecamatan Fatuleu Kabupaten Kupang

Venchy S. Banafanu • Abdul Wahid • Bartholomeus Pasangka
Journal article Jurnal Fisika • 2018 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


Protein content is 33‚ Arbilabean (phaseolus lunatus) is one of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) original leguminosa‚ specially in Fatuleu subdistrick which has important owning role to fulfill human need‚ which has high-grade of owning content of nutriant and also supporting human income. Productivity level of Arbilabean was influenced by many factors‚ for exampls : the USAge of pre-eminent varieties‚ fertilities of land and also conservancy tecnique. Those factors were push forward optimal growth of Arbilabean ‚ so that it was obtained maximal crops.  The aim of research is to know the best dose of multigamma radiation tecnique wich consists of 5 elemens : Cd-109‚ Co-60‚ Cs-137‚ Mn-54‚ and Sn-113 for development local Arbilabean on creep type in Camplong area and to know pre-aminent physical characteristic by multigamma radition. The method used in this research was multigamma radiation‚ coverred 8 treatments i-e : without rads‚ 1000 rads‚ 1500 rads‚ 2000 rads‚ 2500 rads‚ 3000 rads‚ 3500 rads‚and  4000 rads. The result of this research was indicated that using the best dose of radiation for the crops of local Abilabean is 4000 rads. Physical characteristic pre-eminent wich obtained cover to grow quckly was high 2‚65 cm‚ crops age is briefer 73 day after cultivation (dac)‚high of total production is 39‚7gram and 43%. Keywords: local Arbilabean and multigamma radiation.




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