Penentuan Celah Energi Optik Ekstrak Daun Alpukat (Persea Americana Mill) Asal Desa Oinlasi Menggunakan Metode Tauc Plot

Magdalena M. Y. Missa • Redi K. Pingak • Hadi Imam Sutaji
Journal article Jurnal Fisika • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


A study on determination optical energy gap of avocado leaves extract (Persea Americana Mill) from Oinlasi Village using Tauc plot method has been done. Determination of energy gap value was done for 3 possible transition types : direct transition, indirect transition, and direct forbidden transition. Based on calculations using Tauc plot method, energy gap average obtained for each transition are 1,834 eV, 1,829 eV, and 1,835 eV, respectively. Based on this energy gap value, the compound of avocado leaves extract can be categorized as a semiconducting material. Therefore, it can be concluded that avocado leaves extract has the potential to be used as alternative materials in electronic devices. Keywords : avocado leaves, energy gap, semiconductor, Tauc plot




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