Pada Gelahang Marriage: A Legal Pluralism Perspective

I. Putu Sastra Wibawa • I. Putu Gelgel • I. Putu Sarjana

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(English, 12 pages)


Presently, pada gelahang marriages are still controversial within Balinese society in terms of their implementation and the implications. A certain percentage of Balinese approve of pada gelahang marriages, while a certain percentage of people disagree for various reasons. These pros and cons are not tolerated. In fact, the phenomenon of pada gelahang marriages is often confounding to the Hindu community in Bali. Hence, solutions are required. While pada gelahang marriages can be found in many districts and regions in Bali, however, many doubts and problems still arise in their philosophical and juridical foundations. Therefore, research on pada gelahang marriages from the perspective of legal pluralism needs to be done. This research is a qualitative research with a legal sociology approach. Primary data is derived from field data from observations and from the results of interviews of related parties, while secondary data is obtained from literature books using the theory of legal pluralism as a guiding theory in the discussion of research. The results of the study indicate that the pada gelahang marriage has a philosophical foundation, juridical foundation and sociological basis for the creation of values of justice, legal certainty and the benefit of law in the framework of legal pluralism that provides a way to meet Hindu religious law, traditional village customary law and state law to set pada gelahang marriages




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