Terapi Story Telling dan Menonton Animasi Kartun terhadap Ansietas

Padila Padila • Agusramon Agusramon • Yera Yera
Journal article Journal of Telenursing • 2019 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


This study aims to determine the comparison of the effectiveness of story telling therapy and watching animated cartoons on anxiety levels due to hospitalization in pre-school age children in Raflesia hospital in Bengkulu. This research used quasi experiment two group before after pre-test and post test group design. Sampling was conducted based on inclusion and exclusion criteria, samples taken as many as 10 people in each treatment group with measuring instruments used using the Preschool Anxiety Scale (PAS) questionnaire. The results showed that the treatment by using story telling more significantly decreased anxiety in pre school children at Raflesia hospital in Bengkulu compared to watching cartoon animation, seen from the test result of t test 2 Independent samples got the average value of posttest result to 5 between story telling therapy and animated cartoon watching that is 2.00 and 8.00. So it is highly recommended for nurses who work in the inpatient ward to implement story telling therapy to overcome anxiety problems (Anxiety) in pre-school age children.  Keywords: Anxiety, Cartoon Animation, Pre School, Story Telling




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