Adaptasi Teknologi Qr Code Audio Pada Torso Biologi Untuk Siswa Tunanetra

Faiza Indriastuti • Wawan Tri Saksono
Journal article Kwangsan • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 19 pages)


Studying Biology for students with visual impairment and other visual impairments has been a difficult task, especially when it comes to living things. During this time, biology lessons related to the system on the human body done one of them through torso learning media and it became a problem for visual impairment learners. This paper aims to conduct studies and development of the use of QR Code audio for the visually impaired. The study focused on adaptation of QR Code and audio on Torso, and implementation of Torso Audio in Biology lessons for the visually impaired and other visual disorders. The study results revealed that the Audio Torso was designed by adapting the QR Code audio which was then pinned to the intended torso. By adapting learning technology through QR Code audio, it can minimize the Biology learning gap for blind students and other visual impairments. The use of Torso Audio is done in a classical and independent manner. Classically it is used integrated with Biology learning as teaching materials. Independent use is carried out by students outside of learning hours as an enrichment material. Through the Audio Torso, educators and students get benefits and fulfilled the need for more auditive learning media.





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