Pengembangan Inovasi Pembelajaran Berbasis Tik pada Sekolah di Daerah 3t Papua dan Papua Barat melalui Pendampingan Jarak Jauh

Ade Koesnandar
Journal article Kwangsan • 2018 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 22 pages)


Since 2015, the Ministry of Education and Culture in cooperation with the Ministry of Information and Communication has been granting internet access to schools in 3T (front, remote, and left) areas. Besides internet access, some schools are also granted with ICT (information and communication technology) equipment such as laptop, LCD projector, and server that has been installed with digital learning content. The purpose of this grant is to enhance the education quality improvement, especially in terms of the provision of access to learning sources as well as ICT-based learning innovation development. To optimally ICT utilization, the teachers and ICT technicians at the schools are provided with a short training. After the installation and training, the schools should ideally be assisted continuously. However, because of the distance and communication problems, the program cannot be monitored for its continuity. Therefore, a distant assistance method needs to be developed. This research is the program development to create a distant assistance system model by using the ICT itself. As the pioneer, the location of the development research is at schools in Papua and Papua Barat receiving grant of ICT equipment. The development steps are: problem identification, data collecting, problem formulating, solution model determination, preparing the material, implementation, and evaluation. The development is designed as a continuous cycle, where improvement is carried out in every cycle. This writing is the report of first development, that will be continued into the next cycle. The result of the first cycle are: ) a number of field findings have been identified related to the use of ICT equipment in schools; a trial of distant learning assistance through video conference has been carried out and a lab room for learning innovation development has been develoved; and a distant assistance model of ICT USAge has been formulated.





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