Design of DC Microgrid Based on Photovoltaic Power Supply System

Risalin Lyngdoh Mairang • Bikramjit Goswami
Journal article ADBU Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering • September 2018

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(English, 10 pages)


This paper describes the possibilities of the application of DC Microgrids to solve the energy problem in the country. DC Microgrids open a gateway for integration of solar energy which is efficient and cleaner way of renewable energy generation, which can be integrated into the power distribution network. DC microgrid is an intelligent mix of smart grid and renewable source with increase in the efficiency of energy. Therefore, very little energy is wasted during distribution and transmission. It has several other advantages, which include - reduction in transmission losses, improvement in power quality & reliability, reduction in emissions and even it is cost effective. The circuit for solar power availability sensing and switching to battery supply is done on hardware. Design of DC microgrid from the solar energy is done in MATLAB/SIMULINK. The most important characteristic is that it provides a possibility for electrification of remote villages which are far from the reach of the conventional grid.




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