Penerapan Metode Simpleks untuk Menghasilkan Keuntungan Maksimum pada Penjual Buah Pinang

Matheus Supriyanto Rumetna • Tirsa Ninia Lina • Filemon Filemon • Bryan Siwalette • Andriano Andriano 2 more
Journal article Journal of Dedication to Papua Community • June 2019

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


Many people in Sorong City sell Pinang fruit to fulfill their daily needs; one of them is Mama Desi. The problem faced by the seller of Pinang Mama Desi is how to determine the optimum number of sales so that the maximum sales profit obtained. This problem can solve by using the Simplex Method, which is one part of a linear program to help Mama Desi in making decisions and increasing profits from selling Pinang fruit. Results of calculating the sale of Pinang fruit, the maximum benefit that can obtain is IDR 1,500,000 every month.




Journal of Dedication to Papua Community

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