Identifikasi Gejala Serangan Hama Dan Penyakit Utama Tanaman Kakao (Theobroma Cacao L) Serta Upaya Pengendaliannya

Cornelia M. A. Wattimena
Journal article Journal of Dedication to Papua Community • June 2019

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


Cocoa plants are one of the plantation commodities that have great business opportunities and economic value. In the cultivation of cocoa, some obstacles can reduce the production and quality of cocoa, namely attacks of pests and diseases. Community service carried out in Kawa village in the form of counseling on the identification of symptoms of major pest and disease attacks on cocoa (Theobroma cacao, L) and its control efforts, aims to increase community knowledge about the introduction of pests and diseases and symptoms so that control efforts can work well. The final result of this service activity, the people of Kawa village, have been able to know the symptoms of damage to cocoa plants caused by insect attacks of pests and disease attacks and efforts to control them.




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