Kinerja Dosen Pendidikan Agama Islam dalam Meningkatkan Efektifitas Pembelajaran

Sandi Pratama • Amirah Mawardi
Journal article Tarbawi • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


The research used is field research (field research), while the location of research located at the Faculty of Islamic Studies Muhammadiyah University of Makassar. The population in this study 860 people whiles the sample 51 people. Primary data needed in this research is obtained through principal instrument in the form of questionnaire or questionnaire. While observation, interview and documentation is used to complete the data obtained. All the data collected then processed and analyzed by using qualitative descriptive analysis into the appropriate form. The results of the research, in detail from 48 the number of questionnaires spread significantly proved that the performance of Islamic Religious lecturers strongly affects the effectiveness of learning in the Faculty of Islam, This can be seen in the process of teaching and learning, be an example and other teaching methods. Can be seen from the data tabulation of lecturers who teach according to the curriculum 75%, Being an example of 93.75%, giving 60.5% greeting, mastery of material 81.25%, good method 72.92%, 75% motivation, good explanation 60.5%, media USAge 31.25 %, Giving 75% answer and 43.75% strike.


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