Evaluasi Program Mutu Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran pada Tahapan Transactions (suatu Pendekatan Model Stake's Countenance Evaluation)

Ferdinan Ferdinan • Nurhayati Nurhayati
Journal article Tarbawi • 2019

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 19 pages)


This study is an evaluation study using mixed methods. Research approach, namely: case study approach. The data sources of this study consisted of the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor I, Chairperson of the Quality Assurance Agency, Chair of the Faculty Quality Assurance Unit, and the Head of Sub-directorate of Human Resources of the University and respondents, namely 32 Chairmen of Study Programs and 70 Chairmen. Data collection techniques are interviews, documentation studies, and observation sheets. Assessments for each aspect of evaluation are categorized into three levels: high, medium, and low. Decision making is categorized into three levels: achieved, less achieved, and not achieved. This evaluation study provides several conclusions, namely the description of the implementation of learning in Unismuh Makassar at the stages of transactions shows that: 1) the mastery of lecturers in preparing and preparing lecture administration from 7 sub-aspects evaluated, there are 6 sub-aspects that meet objective criteria and 1 sub-aspect is lacking achieved, namely the ability of lecturers in preparing textbooks, 2)) mastery of lecturers in lecturing shows that out of 15 sub-aspects evaluated 13 sub-aspects have been achieved according to objective standards and 2 sub-aspects that have not been fulfilled, namely lecturers do not sanction students who are 30 minutes late in attending lectures and lecturers have not delivered IT-based lecture material, 3) lecturer and student interaction in lectures, of the 4 sub-aspects evaluated all met objective standards, and 4) lecturers' ability to evaluate lecture results showed that from 12 sub the evaluated aspects have 10 sub-aspects that have been achieved according to objective standards and 2 sub-aspects have not been fulfilled.





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