Sociocultural Approach dalam Pembinaan Keluarga Muslim Komunitas Pemulung

Muh Ilham Muchtar • Hasan Juhanis
Journal article Tarbawi • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages)


The type of this research is survey research (field) with qualitative approach by exploiting data field with descriptive analysis method which aims to give description about how 'Sosiokultural Approach Model in Family Development at TPAS Tamangapa Scavengers Community in Makassar City. In the context of family coaching, especially in particular communities, the sociocultural approach model is very important. Because every community group has culture as their work as well as binding their needs. The sociocultural approach in the fostering of Islamic families, for example, is more accommodative to certain cultural values in an innovative and creative manner without removing the substantial religious aspect. Sociocultural approach model is very appropriate to be used in Community Pemulung or in Makasssar language called Payabo who live and do their activities in the Final Disposal Place Garbage, Antang, Village Tamangapa, District Manggala Makassar City. Where a person's life begins in the family environment. It grows, gets big and is educated in a family environment. Parents teach their children how they should act. Therefore, family development should always be directed to the realization of family life as a vehicle for nursery religious values and noble values of the nation's culture. Keywords; Sociocultural Approach, Community and Scavengers





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