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Sumiati Sumiati
Journal article None • 2018


Teachers have a variety of tasks that implement in a dedication. The task covers the fields of profession, humanity and social affairs. Teacher's task as a profession includes educating, teaching and training. Educating means continuing and developing the values of living and life. Teaching means continuing and developing science and technology, while training means developing in student skills. The terms related to the lesson are that the teacher should teach lessons that are appropriate to the expertise, the teacher should have a scientific mandate, the teacher should be wise in the learning process, the teacher should dress clean and neat. The terms relating to students mean that teachers should be fair to students, the teacher should be a motivator for students in seeking knowledge, teachers should pay attention to the level of development of their students, and teachers should evaluate their students.According to law number 20 of 2003 on National Education System Chapter I, Article 1, Subsection 4, stated that: "Students are community members who try to develop their potential through the learning process that is available on certain pathways, levels and types of certain education (RI Law, No. 20 of 2003, 2003; 3)” That is why students must be seen philosophically to accept the situation and existence. This is the basic principle of education for students so that the educational process can run well. There are four characteristics of students that must be possessed, among others: 1) a student need to cleanse their scurrilous psyche and mental illness before studying, 2) a student must have a goal for studying, 3) a student must be resilient in seeking knowledge, and 4) a student must respect the teacher. Therefore the task of a teacher is not easy, those who are teachers must be able to carry out all their roles in providing motivation to students to increase and develop.