Strategi Guru Kelas dalam Menghadapi Peserta Didik yang Malas Belajar

Muhammad Warif
Journal article Tarbawi • 2019 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 19 pages)


The teacher is someone whose job is teaching, guiding and directing children to learn. The teacher is a special position in the world of education, he is one of the main learning resources because from there students / students receive guidance, teaching and training. The professionalism of a teacher is obtained through special teacher training or training and experience. Then according to the National Education System Law Teachers are qualified teaching staff as teachers, lecturers, counselors, civil service, widyaiswara, tutors, instructors, and participate in organizing education. In line with that the teacher according to the Law on Teachers emphasized that: The teacher is a professional educator with the main task of educating, teaching, guiding, directing, training, evaluating, and evaluating students in early childhood education, formal education, basic education, and secondary education. (Republic of Indonesia Law, 2003; 2). The ideal teacher profile is a person who devotes himself based on the calling of the soul, the call of conscience, not because the demands of money alone do not limit his duties and responsibilities are not limited to the walls of the school. teacher, but the welfare of the teacher also needs attention. Teachers with their glory in carrying out tasks that are tireless, rainy and hot are not a hindrance for teachers who are full of dedication and loyalty to go to school to be able to unite their souls in physical separation with students. The body of the teacher and students may separate, but the souls of the two cannot be separated (duvies). Therefore, in the minds of teachers there is only one tip on how to educate students to become capable adult human beings who are capable and useful for religion, religion and nation in the future (Djam'an et al., 2007). Personality competency is a competency related to the teacher's own personal behavior which later must have noble values so that reflected in everyday behavior.





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