Pengaruh Kualifikasi Akademik dan Prestasi Akademik Dosen terhadap Mutu Pembelajaran

Amirah Mawardi • Syarifuddin Ondeng • Muh Sain Hanafy • Muhammad Yaumi
Journal article Tarbawi • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 18 pages)


The type of this study is quantitative research with a positivistic methodological and scientific approach that includes pedagogical, psycological, and sociological approaches. The respondents of this study consisted of 83 Unismuh Makassar Lecturers. The sample was taken by purposive sampling technique. The data collection methods used were observation, documentation and questionnaires. The data was analyzed by using descriptive and multiple linear analysis. The result of the study showed: 1) the academic qualification level of lecturers in UNISMUH Makassar in good category with education level indicators (74.7%), mastery of material (79.55), teaching method (73.1%), media and learning resources (92.8%), and educational interaction skills in the teaching and learning process (98.8%). 2) The Academic Achievement of lecturers in Unismuh Makassar based on indicators; oral and writing ability, skills, and problem solving abilities are in the medium category. 3) The Learning Quality in Unismuh Makassar based on input, process, output and outcome are in high category. 4) There is no significant effect of academic qualification on the learning quality in Unismuh Makassar as evidenced by the significance value of 0,502< 1,66 which means H1 is rejected and H0 is accepted. 5) There is a significant effect of lecturers' academic achievement on the learning quality with a value of 0,003< 0,05, which means that H0 is rejected and H1 is accepted. Therefore, there are the influences between two variables. 6) There is an effect between Academic qualifications and Academic Achievement of lecturers are jointly affected by the quality of learning in Unismuh Makassar. This can be seen from the F count obtained for 6.130 while F table is 3.11. This reveals that F count > F table which means that the lecturers' academic qualifications and achievement have a significant effect on the quality of learning in Unismuh Makassar.


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