Peranan Guru dalam Mengatasi Kesulitan Belajar Siswa

Munirah Munirah
Journal article Tarbawi • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 18 pages)


In the learning process at schools both teachears and students , surely expect to achieve the best results. The teacher expects that the students succeed in their learning, and students expect the teacher to be able to teach well, in order to they obtain satisfying learning outcame. In reality, the hope is not always realized. There are still many students who don't get satisfactory result. The difficulties in student learning is a symptom that is always faced by the teacher because the teacher is responsible for dealing with it. The learning difficulties are a situation where students are less able to face the demands that must be made in the learning process, in order that the process and results are less satisfying. This happens because the students' ability to perform tasks that are not balanced with the guidance of learning. There are students who get high and low scores, some students even fail to achieve learning goals. This fact shows that there are still many teachers who face a number of abstacles in the learning process in the classroom. The difficulties in learning are a form of interference with basic physical and psychological factors which include language or verbal comprehension and impairment which naturally arises various imperfect abilities for listening, thinking, speaking, reading, writing or making mathematical calculations. Also includes mild motor weakness, emotional disturbaces due to unfavorable economic, Colorado or environmental conditions. Furthermore, to find out the learning difficulties experienced by public Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MIN) students, the method of teachers is used which is related to existing problems. The learning difficulties experienced by students of MIN Turikale, Maros Regency, which were the result of observation and the results of interviews with several teachers in the school were difficulties in math subject, namely counting, then difficulty understanding the questions given both written questions and the question asked directly by the teacher and the other difficulties are sometimes students are still very difficult to express their own opinions.





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