Benefits and Cost of Britain Surviving Brexit

Prashanta Ch Panda • Rasananda Panda
Journal article Liberal Studies • December 2016

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Introduction The Brexit referendum has brought out the ugly truth about globalisation right in front of the world. Though globalisation has undoubtedly helped to bring nations together, helping in the creation of new business opportunities and stronger ties, there has also been contradictory views on this issue lately. Globalisation has helped increasing trade, and in turn, the wellbeing of many a nation. It is debatable whether wellbeing of a nation is the same as the general welfare of the people of that nation. If a nation is unable to provide the necessary growth in the income and standard of living of the people or increase employment opportunities, it is quite likely that its citizens are not going to be very happy with the policies it makes. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3372239




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