B2B Branding in Indonesia Denpasar Bali Garuda’s Cargo Advertising

Iman Sumargono • Ramadita Alamanda
Conference paper 6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019 • October 2019


Garuda Indonesia Cargo is a subsidiary that is managed independently by PT. Garuda Indonesia is an Indonesian national airline company (BUMN) with a Business to Business (B2B) brand management. engaged in the air transportation sector since 1949. The decline in Garuda Indonesia Cargo BO DPS revenue data in January-September 2018 and the emergence of new competitors have made Garuda Indonesia Cargo need to innovate in the field of promotion in order to spread awareness properly to the target audience . Data collection by direct interview, observation, competitor analysis and SWOT analysis is done to determine the promotion strategy. The aim of the research is to create relevant company branding for B2B that builds communication strategies for the business market rather than the consumer market. Garuda Indonesia Cargo competitors promote with the advantage of cheap prices, so the approach to promotion of Garuda Indonesia Cargo uses a rational approach with an emotional touch that emphasizes the quality of its services in terms of security, trust, and timeliness. This approach model is flexible so that it can be applied to the marketing of Garuda Indonesia Cargo throughout Indonesia, not only on the island of Bali.

Keywords B2B Branding, Advertising, Garuda Indonesia Cargo




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