Designing Brand Identity for Batak Toba Tuak in Medan City

Bambang Melga • Kharisma Kencana Adi
Conference paper 6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019 • October 2019 Indonesia

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Sumatera Utara is a multicultural region. One of its native tribe is Batak Toba tribe. The people in Batak Toba tribe consumes special drink for a special occasion or as their second nature. Until now, tuak is still a very popular liquor in the area of North Sumatra, you could find a shop called lapo tuak in almost every village. Along with other cultures, tuak is also considered a cultural result that can be included in one of the many traditional drinks which favored by the domestic and foreign tourists. In North Sumatra tuak production is spread in various places, one of them are located in Medan. Me-dan is the largest metropolitan city outside Java and the third largest city after Jakarta and Surabaya. Despite being one of the largest cities in Indonesia, tuak which produced and being sold in Medan does not have its own branding. The various types of tuak create difficulties in identifying the origin of tuak that sold in the market. Then came the idea to design a brand for tuak, in addition, to increase selling prospect, and also to maintain the quality itself (quality control) so that it could be more trusted to the targeted customers. The identity design is followed by making packaging and promotion that is appropriate and effective. By making identity, packaging, and promotion for tuak, it is expected that Toba Batak's tuak can be identified by potential customers more easily.

Keywords Brand Identity, Promotion, Tuak, Culture, Batak Toba, Medan City




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