The Influence of Illustrations in Informing The Preschool Children’s Play Activity Ideas in Chai’s Play Mobile Application

Diani Apsari • Sakina Fathiani
Conference paper 6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019 • October 2019


Parents of children of preschool age are often challenged in finding ideas for activities to stimulate the growth and development for their children through playing. An advantage for parents in the modern and also digital era is they are closer to information on parenting and ideas for children's play activities through parenting mobile applications which are easily downloaded from application marketplace platforms such as Google's Play Store. Out of many parenting-themed mobile applications that available in the market, one of the prominent ones is Chai's Play. Developed by experts of children's growth and development and designers who understand the preschool children's play activities, and presented in visually attractive illustrations, Chai's Play is now an "Editor's Choice" from the year of 2017 until 2019, and has been downloaded for over 100,000 times on Play Store in Indonesia. Using qualitative method through structured interview with experts on children's growth and development and users of Chai's Play, supported with literature study, this research is conducted to analyze the function of illustrations on the user interface of Chai's Play to convey information on preschool children's play activities to stimulate their growth and development to the parents.

Keywords Illustrations, Children’s Play Activities, Preschool Children, Mobile Application


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