“Fear Arrousing” Persuation Strategy as a Visual Recommendation Solution of The Social Campaign : “Prohibition Illegal Braces”

Jiwa Utama • Annisha Hardiyanti
Conference paper 6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019 • October 2019


The phenomenon of illegal braces installation is still common in Indonesia, especially in several major cities in Indonesia where many teenagers are victims. One of the solution that can reduce the number of victims is through the design of a social campaign strategy. This study aims to examine how the visual strategy approach is applied through a theoretical approach and analysis of the target audience on the creative strategy of the social campaign "Prohibition of Illegal Braces" designed so that target audience can change their behavior and can understand the dangers of illegal braces installation. This study uses qualitative research methods by observing and analyzing the problems of illegal braces and interviews with the target audience to produce insights that can be used as a guide in designing visual strategy recommendations through the study of literature on the persuasion theory of visual advertising approaches. The results of the study show that the visual recommendations generated through the design of visual strategies with the persuasion approach "Fear Arousing" produce a series of visual strategies "still images" that are packaged with layout guidelines from photography execution, color blend, and selection of typography that is adjusted to the problem and insight target a sufficient audience in accordance with the desired target visual impact based on the theory of persuasion as well as the execution of advertising visual communication.

Keywords Social Campaign, Visual Strategy, “Fear Arousing” Persuation




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