Dea Aulia Widyaevan • Setiamurti Rahardjo
Conference paper 6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019 • October 2019 Indonesia

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Hostel gains its popularity due to the rapid growth of urban tourism in Indonesia. The hostel not only offers afforda- ble accommodation, but it also has a more innovative design. In the current social media age, most of the hostel need to be photogenic because the interior has become a part of a branding strategy. Since most of the hostel markets through OTA (online travel agency), their profile image are important to attract customer. These made hostel interior looks appealing on camera gaze. Many of design strategies corporate graphic visualization, unique propor- tion/composition to fit in camera angle. The technique of mural/graffiti often uses to promote photogenic image on small spaces/ alternative spaces. The feature of graphic as well as image composition has widely used to provoke customer imagination on ‘advertised’ space. The relation of spatial effect between spatial-image relation will be examined to create a new perspective of interior design. These studies choose 3 hostels located ‘ Mural Villages’ in Yogyakarta. This hostel is a form of adaptive interior from house to a hostel. In this article, the study focused on aes- thetic side of those interior adaptation, as well as the application of mural to create a photogenic space. The mural’s technique and its relation to other interior elements will be examined to seek a new perspective on spatial-image ar- ticulation on interior space.

Keywords interior design, mural, hostel design, graffiti , info-graphic, interior element



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