Analisis Sensitivitas Respon Pasar Terhadapperubahan Desain Sepeda Motor Honda Beat (Studi Kasus pada Mahasiswa Ust dan Uty yang Menggunakan Honda Beat)

Muhammad Ulil Albab • Ignatius Soni Kurniawan
Journal article Manajemen Dewantara • 2018 Indonesia

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This study aims to determine how big the response sensitivity and the direction of consumer response. Research type in this study is an ex post facto research. Subjects in this study were students who had been riding an old and new Honda Beat scooter as many as 100 respondents to represent the population students from Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa and Universitas Teknologi Yogyakarta. The results showed that the major changes in response to product Honda Beat scooter is at 44.10 and the level of importance of attributes, the highest average value shown on the body design attributes (3.41), it indicates that the consumer has an interest in the design of the scooter body of Honda Beat. Then, the respondent perceptions of the quality attributes of the old Honda scooter to scooter Honda Beat New Beat at 29.269. Thus, the result that the sensitivity in response to changes in the design of Honda Beat scooter long been a Honda scooter new Beat amounted to 1,191. That is, the sensitivity is sensitive because of the sensitivity value of more than 1.


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