Pengaruh Debt to Asset Ratio, Perputaran Kas Dan Rasio Lancar Terhadap Profitabilitas Pada Sub Sektor Property and Real Estate Yang Terdaftar Di Bursa Efek Indonesiaperiode 2014-2016

Meilani Ong • Widya Sari • Laura Veronica • Viena Valen Sijabat
Journal article Manajemen Dewantara • 2019 Indonesia

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The purpose of this study is to analize the influence of debt to asset ratio, cash turn over and current ratio on profitability of case study in real estate and property companies listed on Indonesia stock exchange from 2014 until 2016.The sample of this study was eighty one financial reports which contain twenty seven companies with years of observation for three years by using purposive sampling method. The research method used is descriptive quantitative analysis by using multiple regression analysis.Based on the research result, it can be concluded that debt to asset ratio,cash turn over and current ratio have no influence toward profitability partially.


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