Pengaruh Altruism, Perceived Ease of Use, Dan Reputation Terhadap Online Repurchasing Intention Pada Transportasi Go-jek

Trianti Prihartini • Ibn Nyoman Udayana
Journal article Manajemen Dewantara • 2018 Indonesia

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Online repurchasing intention is important because it can increase company profit. The study was conducted to determine the effect of altruism, perceived ease of use, reputation on online repurchasing intention in transportation GO-JEK.The research was conducted at the Yogyakarta, samples taken as many as 100 people with accidental sampling method. The data collection is done by distributing questionnaires using a scale of 1-10 points to measure 16 indicators.The results of this study indicate the results for the variable altruism positive effect on online repurchasing intention, perceived ease of use positive effect on online repurchasing intention, reputation positive on online repurchasing intention. For the determinantion of the results of this test is 12,4% on online repurchasing intention.


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