Analisis Faktor Penunjang Pengembangan Usaha Industri Susu Karamel Cisondari Kabupaten Bandung

Maskarto Lucky Nara Rosmadi
Journal article Manajemen Dewantara • 2018

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This study aims to determine the factors supporting the creative industry effort. The method used is quantitative with analytical descriptive approach with the number of respondents as many as 58 people. Data collection in this research was conducted by questionnaire technique, and documentary study. The data obtained is then processed using SPSS version 23,00. From the results of the data show, the contribution provided by human resource variables of 23.40%, competence of 17.90%, innovation by 21.50%, and marketing by 21.20% of creative industries. While the rest of 21.20% is another factor that is not researched.


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