Sangkuriang Character Of Sundanese Folktale Design Through 70’s Comic Illustration Technique

Muhammad Iskandar • Sonson Nurusholih
Conference paper 6th Bandung Creative Movement 2019 • October 2019 Indonesia

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Many folktales are scattered throughout Indonesia, where each region has its own unique story and becomes

one of the literary and cultural identities that need to be guarded. West Java is one area that has many stories, where sto- ries that circulate are not just ordinary stories but contain many good moral messages. The figure of the Sangkuriang will

be made with a comic style approach in the 70s, where the old comics are now becoming increasingly popular with the people at this time. So that this study will use expressionist style in making figures of Sangkuriang story characters and for the research method used a qualitative descriptive approach, where the data collection technique is to do library research, observation, and documentation. The final results of the study will be (1) Character figures of Sangkuriang stories in the form of illustrations (2) Illustration styles that will be used is the 70s comic style illustration. Keywords: Folktale stories, characters, Sangkuriang Comic


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