Peta Jalan Pengarusutamaan Persaingan Usaha: Menuju Kebijakan Ekonomi Yang Mengintegrasikan Prinsip Persaingan

Yose R. Damuri • Haryo Aswichayono • Ira Setiati • David Christian • Adinova Fauri
Policy analysis Centre for Strategic and International Studies • 2016 Indonesia


Competition is one of the most important elements that should be considered in designing policies and regulations in economic sector, as it directly promotes efficiency and competitiveness of the economy, and ultimately improves the welfare of the society. However, currently we are facing some challenges in applying competition principles into policymaking. Policymakers in general still lack awareness of the need for the competition principles to be systematically integrated into formulation of regulations. In response to this condition, CSIS in cooperation with KPPU has initiated a Roadmap for Mainstreaming Competition Principles into Economic Policymaking and Regulations. The roadmap will elaborate some efforts and activities required in order that mainstreaming of competition principles can be successfully undertaken in Indonesia. Discussion will cover three important aspects: (i) institutional, (ii) consultation & coordination, and (iii) legal. In its implementation, this roadmap entails support from at least tripartite stakeholders (government, business, and academia). This roadmap emphasizes the need for a national consensus on the competition principles, which is then followed by a systematic and comprehensive review of both new and existing regulations which is coordinated by a law-mandated regulatory review body. This roadmap is expected to become an initial step for having more pro-competition economic policies and regulations in Indonesia.




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