Biogas Pilot Project of Animal Faeces in Meunasah Papeun: a Projection Towards Renewable Energy Development in Aceh

Yulian Gressando • Netti Rosita
Working paper Yayasan Kemaslahatan Ummat • 2013 Indonesia

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Aceh has a large potential of biogas energy development. According to Central Bureau of Statistic's data 2012, the total population of cattle in Aceh Province is 701,284. Since 2012, Yayasan Kemaslahatan Ummat – YKU (Kemaslahatan Ummat Foundation) has been developing a biogas energy program made from cow faeces in several subdistricts in Aceh Besar District. The first pilot project was conducted in Meunasah Papeun Village, Krueng Barona Jaya Subdistrict, Aceh Besar District. YKU has been designing reactors which are simple, easy, and affordable, thus they could be developed later on by the community. The biogas reactor is constructed from polyethylene (PE) plastic 0.5 mm, hence the unit price of a biogas reactor would not exceed IDR 10,000,000.- (or equal to EUR 646.25). The process of animal waste out of 100.000 cows would potentially yield biogas energy as much as 36.000 m3, or when biogas produced is going to be utilized for energy resources, it would be equal to 27 million litres of kerosene per year. If emission of CO2 is defined as the volume of energy used multiplied by CO2 emission factor ( 2.5359), then CO2 emission out of kerosene consumption is approximately 68.469.300 kg CO2 per year. On the other hand, about 187,6 ton of CO2 emission could be reduced per year. From economical perspective, the saving of kerosene at amount of 2,250 kilo litres is equal to IDR 22.5 billion (EUR 1,454,065.48) per month or IDR 270 billion (EUR 17,448,785.70) per year. From 2013 to 2014, YKU is being an implementing partner of USAID for Indonesia Clean Energy Development (ICED) Program, during which 20 household scale biogas reactors in Aceh Besar District are targeted to be developed with carbon emission target to be reduced as much as 281,000 kg CO2 per year. YKU is also developing biogas energy utilization program in all municipalities/districts in Aceh Province by involving all related stakeholders, those are local governments as well as private sectors through the scheme of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and also includes other third parties through the approach of community development and technical assistances for young generations in the villages to become biogas pioneers in each subdistrict in the whole Province of Aceh.




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