PORNOGRAFI dan TEKNOLOGI (Komodifikasi dan Pembatasan Akses pada Materi Bermuatan Pornografi)

Agus Raharjo
Journal article Jurnal Media Hukum • December 2008 Indonesia

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The politics of the body make someone body becomes object treatment. In culture of patriarchy, woman becomes object in depiction of sexual passion of men. For capitalists, body which have experienced of modification process with technological aid become commodity able to sale. Restriction access and dissemination of pornography material are visible reality in regulation various state. The regulation which there in Indonesia not merely expressing growth of culture and moral, however also express also mount growth of a success technology of covering by that regulation. Restriction access and dissemination of pornography material at this information technology era do not maximal if relying on government regulation, so that emerge idea to do government without governance, which is have back part to self-regulation to all owners, users and entrepreneur in the field of information technology.Keywords: pornografi, teknologi, komodifikasi, patriarki, hukum.




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