Politik Kriminal dalam Penanggulangan Kejahatan Carok di Pamekasan

Indriati Amarini
Journal article Jurnal Media Hukum • December 2009

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Carok in society of Madura have become culture tradition taken place by generations. Carok enough disturb fortenforcer punish because of generating victim which relative quite a lot and there is strive from each group conflicting and also at any times can rappear in unforeseen atmosphere. Problem becoming background of the happening of carok is women problem, land, irrigate, misunderstanding etc but altogether have estuary to of at one matter that is self regard existence which flatter. This go together concept lose face resulted by an outsider making somebody feel worthless. Every problems that happened can be finished gratified for neutral mediator by powered a kind of custom peace institute to all party which disagreeing so that each every problems that happened can be finished gratified for both.Key words : Carok, Culture of Madura, Criminal Policy




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