Analisis Sistem Pertangungjawaban Negara Peluncur Atas Kerugian yang Ditimbulkan oleh Jatuhnya Benda Antariksa

Soegiyono Soegiyono
Journal article Jurnal Media Hukum • December 2009

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The development of space technology are more space objects to launch into outer space. Besides the advantages, the launching space activities for several purposes also has some problems such as collision between them, collision between space object and space debris, the fault of launching space object, more over if the space object uses of nucler power sources. When the space activities was dominated by state, the terms of launching state did not have any problem to application. The pursue of space activities and changing of actors of space activities from the State to international organization and private, hence, application of the terms of launching states apply to some cases viewed isnot correctly. According to it, UNCOPUOS have considered to efford changing the meaning of launching state. This paper investigates on liability of launching states of damages by space objects.Kata Kunci : system, responsibility, launching state, damages, fault space objects.




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