Transformasi Kedudukan Serikat Buruh sebagai Pihak dalam Perjanjian Kerja Bersama

Abdul Rachmad Budiono
Journal article Jurnal Media Hukum • December 2010

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 2 pages)


The enactment Act Number 21 Year 2001 concerning Trade Union, (2) Act Number 13 Year 2003 concerning Manpower, and (3) Act Number 2 Year 2004 concerning Industrial Relations Disputes Settlement marking the passage of the last three centerpiece legislation envisaged under the Labour Law Reform Program of the Government. Act Number 21 Year 2001 is a very important act. Under the Act workers or labourers have the rights to become a trade union member. Trade union aims to protect, defend the rights and interests of, and improve the proper welfare of workers and their family. In order to achieve the objectives, trade union shall have a number of functions. One of the function is that the trade union as a party in the making a Collective Labour Agreement. “A party” in the making a Collectve Labour Agreement is a legal person. According to jurisprudence, legal persons are all entities capable of being right and duty. Legal person consists of human being and legal personality. Legal personality is an artificial creation of the law. “Is trade union a legal personality?” is a legal issue in this research. The research is normative legal research. Although trade union capable of making a Collective Labour Agreement, it is not a legal personality.Key Words: trade union, legal person, legal personality.




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