Implikasi Makna Kerja pada Perilaku Ekonomi

Susminingsih Susminingsih
Journal article Jurnal Hukum Islam IAIN Pekalongan • October 2010

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Work as a series of acts performed by person will produce something that can be enjoyed, either directly or indirectly, whether it be goods or services. Actions can be interpreted as a regular motion by using the limbs and five senses and controlled by the mind, so it requires harmony in motion and presence of high coordination among the limbs, senses and mind. Acts committed on a regular basis that is a process or part of the process will create something that is useful both for themselves and others. Islam emphasizes humans to be willing and able to work (workable) and no wasting time in silence and await delivery of others. Humans lust consists of 5 different passions, mutmainah, sufiah, ammarah, lawwamah, mulhimah and adequate motivation could be a potential basis of work ability. This combination is expected to have implications for the behavior of the Islamic economy




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