Public Opinion on Peace as a Reflection of Social Differentiation and Politicisation of Identity in Sri Lanka

Kristian Stokke • Pradeep Peiris
Journal article PCD Journal • 2010 Sri Lanka

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(English, 32 pages)


This article provides a critical analysis of the public opinion on peace in Sri Lanka, with consideration to two determinants: social differentiation and politicisation of identities. Specifically, it aims at developing arguments about the correlations between public opinion, social position, and political mobilisation. Inspired by Bourdieu's concepts of habitus, social space, and political field, this article develops an empirical analysis of the links between ethnic identity and public opinion on peace, and between social differentiation and opinions within the Sinhalese majority community in Sri Lanka. This article argues that ethnic polarisation and politicisation were the foremost determinants of public opinion during the peace process in 2002-2009.




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