Kritik terhadap Sekularisme (Pandangan Yusuf Qardhawi)

M. Syukri Ismail

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 26 pages)


Since the first appearance until now, secularism had attracted the attention of many people: scientists, theologians, clergy, thinkers, and also by groups of religious studies. Due to the understanding had contains many irregularities, especially if this understanding entered to Islamic ideology. Because secularism was understood that was believed come from the West not fromIslamic culture. Already so many scholars, scientists, and thinkers who devoted critical attention to secularism, one of them was Yusuf Qardhawi, who had a very good opinionin Islam rules, he was considered as a classic of science and a modern master in Islam, Qardhawi€™s criticism against secularism based onunderstanding of Islam. Based on the explanation above, the authors wanted to examine Yusuf Qaradawi€™s criticism against secularism, and in particular issues that wouldbe discussed: the problems of Qardhawi€™s criticism against secularism, the reasons of Qardhawi in criticizing secularism, and the solution that wasgiven in facing of secularism.




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