Cross-Cultural Learning for Securing Decentralization and Democratization: Assessing Indonesia's Response to Globalization

Purwo Santoso
Working paper Power Conflict Democracy Publication • November 2009 Indonesia


Drawn by globalization, Indonesia governance has been transformed into a more decentralized and democratic shaped in the last decade. Given scale of the challenges, its achievement deserves admiration. Yet, the remaining challenge, namely to ensure that decentralized democratic-governance is culturally deep-seated in Indonesia politics, is enormous. The stage of the transformation hardly reached the fundamentally-required cultural change due to the lack of cultural understanding within the process of transformation. Since democratization and decentralization essentially is a form cultural engagement of global political-economic powers, the article proposes to reframe those two processes as king of cultural transformation. Analyzing them along this line of thought allows us to uncover the fact that Indonesia's difficulty has been o reconcile the intangible, yet continuously- embedded, clash sub-cultures. A kind of cross-cultural learning strategy is important for Indonesia in securing a complete it agenda.




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